Tis the season for an assortment of Christmas options

Hey ya’ll:

Well I have been the busy elf and my trusty helpers had to take a nap since I worked them so hard.

Exhausted helpers







There was a piece of wood that I’ve stared at for a little while and when it eventually told me what to create…wood does that sometimes…this is what happened.

The perfect view. Made on olive wood. – SOLD







I decided to try my hand at making furniture. It was an adventure and I’m really happy how it turned out. Making furniture is a lot of work when you don’t have proper tools. Perhaps Santa will get me some 🙂 This piece is now up for sale.

The mountain view. Live edge Red Oak. Steel legs.

The mountain view. Live edge table.







So below you’ll see what I’ve made so far. I’ve done a lot of cheeseboards and still have some available for custom designs if you know someone that likes cheese 🙂

A day in the country – SOLD

For the love of water – SOLD

One sport isn’t enough for this gal – SOLD

I’ll race ya – SOLD

Catch me if you can – SOLD

Mountain biking love – SOLD

Time to get steep – SOLD

Solo ride – currently available

A gal and her shepherds – SOLD

And now I’m doing wooden Christmas ornaments. I’ve started with mountain biking and climbing…cuz…well I love those sports but I’ll be doing more than that and welcome custom requests. There will be more photos in the next few days as I’ve just finished a bunch but I’m drinking Belgian beer instead of taking photos.

Christmas ornaments on Spalted Maple.









I hope you’re having an awesome November!

Merry HO! HO!

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Tis the season for wood burning…and beer

Hey everyone:

So I’ve been getting busy doing my favourite indoor things: being creative, listening to Christmas music and enjoying my favourite Belgian beers that are only available this time of year. My usual health challenges have kept me at home a lot but I’m making the best of it. Although I’m slowly working on painting ornaments, wood burning has kept me busy and I’m loving every minute of it. Here are the recent pieces. Most are custom and others have sold but it gives you an idea of what can be done and what might make the perfect gift. Oh, and I’m doing cheese boards…yup…they’re a piece of art and can be used for some yummy cheese. I’m doing a few different styles so there are options.

If you want to order something just contact me through my website at http://janymitgesfinearts.com or check out my instagram at

( https://www.instagram.com/janymitges/ ) to see the pieces the moment they’re done and up for sale.

Merry HO HO!

Small Maple Cheeseboard 9″x 6″ – Climbing

A mountain paradise – SOLD

Small Maple Cheeseboard – 9″x6″

The Shepherd’s Way – SOLD

Small Rectangle Cheeseboard 9″x6″ -Mountain air

Polish flowers – Name plate for a cottage – SOLD

Family name plate – SOLD

The outdoor life – Spalted Maple – SOLD

Mountain biking life – Name plate


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Wood burning, Website, Instagram and more

Hey ya’ll:

Since I’m not at the point to post all my newest pieces on my website, I’m posting them on this blog as well as:

Website: http://janymitgesfinearts.com 

Instagram under JanyMitges

Facebook Artist page: http://fb.me/JanyMitgesfinearts or search Jany Mitges – Artist, Athlete and Cancer Survivor

Follow me on Instagram or my athlete page to see my newest pieces as they are made and what is available for sale. Christmas is coming so if you want something custom made…get your orders in since I stop production on December 10th to celebrate my favourite season myself.

I’ll be doing ornaments soon as well. Is it too early to put up my Christmas tree yet?

Family name plate

Kamloops Couple

Family name plate

I hope everyone is well and living life to the fullest. Thanks for following me and have a spectacular day!

North Winds Beach Family Adventure

Getting Air

Family name plate

Saving lives

Cottage sign

Miguels – A walk down memory lane



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New Art Website – Yay!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I now have a website for my art pieces which has been a long time coming. I’ll be posting new pieces on it, everything from wood burning, paintings to ornaments. It also provides a way to contact me since that became a bit of a challenge for folks last year. Thanks to Peter Prelich for building it and providing me a means to get my art out to a greater audience.

Check it out. http://janymitgesfinearts.com

Let me know what you think!

Have an awesome day!


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More wood burning

Hey ya’ll:

For those that are interested…this is what I have been up to…wood burning. Here are more pieces…most are sold..but the possibilities are endless. My website is almost ready for launch…YAY! Most of these pieces were custom ordered for wedding gifts and it has been such a privilege to be asked to create pieces for such special events. If you’re looking for something special shoot me a message…I love a challenge.

Have an awesome day!

Halifax Skyline (SOLD)

Cocker Spaniel run (SOLD)

Freewheel award pieces (SOLD)

Fun in the mountains (SOLD)

Pulling Hard (currently available) 6″ x !4″x 1 1/2″

Family love for the outdoors (SOLD)


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More wood burning and a website coming

Hey ya’ll:

Below are more wood burned pieces that have been completed. Some are sold and there are still some available. Send me a message on this site or to my email JanyMitges(at)gmail.com for details on the pieces that are available or if you would like a custom piece done. It gives you an idea of what can be made.

There will be an actual website coming soon…finally! I’m more on the creative side of things and not very good on the marketing end of things. Needless to say the website is JanyMitgesFineArts.com and will be up and running in the near future. I’ll keep you posted. It will display past and current wood burning, paintings and Christmas ornaments. You know how much I love to paint Christmas ornaments 🙂

Also, I’ll be at the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival displaying and selling climbing related wood burning pieces in case you want to check things out. Date is July 15th. Check out the event website at….https://www.ontarioaccesscoalition.com/bvcf-2017/ for details on where the festival is being held or send me a message.

I hope these pieces inspire you to get outside and create some beautiful memories!




SOLD – Went on a registry for a wedding gift 🙂

Currently available.







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Sanity through wood burning!

So if you have read my previous post you know that I’ve been under the weather for a bit now. The saga still continues and hopefully I’ll get test results soon and be able to move forward from this current situation. That being said, being isolated at home most of the time and trying to maintain some sanity I’ve been busy wood burning. Loving the new type of art and it’s a little easier on my brain when I can’t focus on mixing colours of paint. Most of the pieces are sold but there are a couple of treasures available. I’ll be burning more pieces so if there is something you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Hope these bring a smile to your face, inspire you to get outdoors and live a life full of passion.

4×11 Male climber – SOLD

5X8 Mountain biker – SOLD

4×13 Male Climber – SOLD

4×13 Female climber – SOLD

4X13 Female Climber – SOLD

5×8 Mountain biker – SOLD

5×13 Male climber – SOLD

4×13 climber – Currently available

9×13 Climbers – SOLD

13×9 Mountain bikers – SOLD

4×11 Male climber – SOLD

5×8 Boulderer – SOLD

13×9- The Mechanical – Mountain bikers – Currently available

10×10 Boulderers – SOLD

4×11 Female climber – SOLD

9×4 Mountain biker – SOLD

13×9 Mountain biker – SOLD

10X10 Runners – SOLD

10×4 Triathlon – SOLD

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