Fhast meets dirt!

Fhast meets dirt!

Well I had the privilege of getting out on the trails over the last two days and got to take my new ultra-sweet machine out for some test rides.

First ride was at Turkey Point and I couldn’t believe how dry the trails were.  The area has mainly single-track with a high level of sand.  The trails were dusty and had incredible flow.  Enough about the trails though…..the Fhast 1 29’er….now there is a story to tell.

Holy bejeezers is the Fhast fast.  The bike feels incredibly smooth and I scared myself with the speed that this bike can go.  I am use to pedalling to keep up with my husband and there was no pedalling required.  Tight turns were a breeze and obstacles were no match for this race machine!

The second ride was at Kelso Conservation.  This awesome riding location managed by Halton Conservation has a combination of amazing single-track with some rocky, technical areas and stunts (skinnies and jumps) to spice things up a bit.  The trails were super dry thanks to mother nature and her kindness with the lack of snow this year.  I thought this place would be a good test piece for my technical ability and being on a hard tail.  Well it turns out that the bike did it all.  It took the rocks and made the ride feel buttery smooth.  The roots disappeared under the tires and my ride was easier than it has ever been.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden a hard tail.  I can’t really say I felt like I was on one except for the fact that the energy return on the uphills was incredible and I can’t wait to take it to some insane climbs and crush some souls!

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