Racing hiccup

Well my racing season has begun and I decided to start it with the Homage to Ice held by Substance Projects at Mansfield Outdoor Center on April 1st.  It is a 50 km enduro race with incredible single track and some deep sand to add some extra flavour to the journey.

It was hard for me to contain the excitement at the start line, I was so thrilled to be back out racing.  The beauty of racing is getting to see friends/competitors and catching up on days past. I heard the word, “Go!” and everyone was off for the 50 km adventure. It was 2 laps of a 25 km loop.

Lori Kofman, Mikaela "Fudge" Kofman, Jany Mitges

I felt great passing through the 25 km mark and the feed station where one of the most supportive competitors I have had the privilege of racing with, Lori Kofman of Erace Cancer Cycling Team, stood with a smile.  Lori, who provides support to her incredible daughter Mikaela who was also racing, passed me a new bottle. I heard the cheers from her and her husband Peter and I felt ready to crush the last lap.

At 30 km my desire to crush ended when the intense nausea set in.  The nausea magnified quickly and I decided to ease up on my pace and make sure I finished the race.  In 2:56 I finished, feeling incredibly nauseous and seriously beaten up although I never crashed. Finishing 5th in the Open female category was a great place to end the race.

It turned out that the nausea was there for a reason……it was food poisoning from a morning beverage I had consumed.  Within an hour of getting home it took full hold and I spent the next 5 days battling the demons of contaminated food.  Seriously ill and completely drained, my cycling adventures came to a halt.  April Fool’s got me good!

My next race was suppose to be the Good Friday Road Race which was held on the following Friday, April 6th.  The day before the race, I couldn’t make it up a set of stairs  without having to stop to take a breath so I spent my race day cheering on those that I would have been racing with.  It was a great way to spend the day and even though I couldn’t ride my bike……I got to share in the joy.

The April Fool’s food poisoning has come and gone and I am officially back on my bike and recovering.  Next race Paris to Ancaster…….stay tuned!

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