The Human Book – an opportunity of a lifetime

Photo by Dennis Barnes

Well I have been given an opportunity of a lifetime…the privilege to be a Human Book at the Burlington Public Library on September 29th.  It is a day where 11 ordinary people with extraordinary stories make an unforgettable day.  For all the details on this particular Human Library event, please check out the Burlington Public Library.  There is also their video.

If you’ve never heard of The Human Book…it is an event that started in Denmark in 2000.  The idea was to give a person the opportunity to speak to individuals of different lifestyles, religions and ethnic backgrounds. People had the chance to borrow a Human Book and ask them questions and connect with others living in their community with whom they may not normally have a chance to speak so that they can understand their experiences, and challenge their own assumptions, prejudices, and stereotypes.  For more information on the creation of the program, you can check out The Human Library Website .

It’s great to be alive

Attending the orientation for this event last night, I was in awe of the other Human Books; an African aid volunteer and grandma, POW camp survivor, gay family man and tolerance champion, book loving dogs group as well as others.  As each one stood and told their story, it sank in how incredible this is for me to be a Human Book and the sheer fact that I was asked to be included with people (Books) that have done so much in their lives and for the community.

Canada Cup Win

This is a unique event as no other Human Book event will ever have all the same Books.  If you’re interested in hearing a Human Book instead of reading a paper one, where your questions at the end of the story can be answered, call the Burlington Public Library (905-639-3611, Ext 1321) and book a spot in the event.  This is a one-on-one opportunity (30 minute session) with a truly inspiring person and I can assure you that you will leave feeling connected, motivated, educated and enriched!

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1 Response to The Human Book – an opportunity of a lifetime

  1. Allison says:

    Your story is so inspiring Jany. Thank you for being a part of Burlington Public Library’s Human Library. See you Sept. 29!

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