A path of art!

Some people have asked what happened to my blog posts since there hasn’t been anything for awhile. A long story really short, for the time being, my health challenges have been on overdrive and I haven’t been racing….but this is not a woe is me post.

So this is what I have been up to…..something I am equally as passionate about as cycling or climbing…..painting! Some of you know I love to paint…and it’s a total surprise to others that I do anything other than sport. Painting brings me a sense of calm in an otherwise painful day and well….it just simply makes me happy. It’s also in my nature to make the best of hard times so if I can’t do physical adventures, down time can still be productive….it’s my brain and creativity that get exercise.

IMG_4606So to improve upon my marketing skills for my art even though I’ve been painting since the 1980’s….I’ve finally created a contact card…go figure. I’m not very good at marketing…and don’t really consider it a business card since I’m not really a business. My preference is to sit and paint…but it did seem about time to make it easier to contact me. Here’s a front pic of the card. Don’t worry, I didn’t miss the important part of the details…they are on the back to get info on paintings.



IMG_2629So here are pictures of what I’ve created. All these pieces are sold but it gives you an idea of what I have been doing in my down time. All my pieces do go up for sale and I’ll be posting more of my art on the blog in case anyone is interested. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something specific as I seem to be painting a lot these days with my trusty helper!


24×30 Acrylic Autumn birches (SOLD)


12×36 Acrylic Evening Sun (SOLD)




18×24 Acrylic Custom piece for a friend (SOLD)





24×30 Acrylic Algonquin reflection (SOLD)

















Well, on a final note….it’s almost Christmas season and many know I absolutely LOVE Christmas and spend much of the season painting custom Christmas balls for gifts. It is a privilege to create these mini-paintings that will hang on Christmas trees for years to come…that is of course as long as they don’t get dropped on the floor…they are glass! Here are some examples of what can be done.


































photo 1I have a very personal blog post coming soon, I promise. I’m also planning on creating a website for my art so it can be viewed by the general public and hopefully my art will hang in a gallery one day. Everything takes time…but it’s coming.

In the meantime…I hope the art brings a smile to your face, my contact card makes you laugh and you always remember that when life gives you lemons….a transport truck worth….you make lemonade, lemoncella ice cream, lemon meringue pie, lemon salad dressing, lemon zest cookies and squirt someone in the eye with it.



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