Merry HO HO ornaments…the beginning!

If you’re not into the Christmas holidays, don’t like things Christmas related, don’t like my ornaments or my custom Christmas cards….you’ll want to stop reading after this paragraph. I’ll be posting up, in groups, the ornaments that I have completed that will be available for purchase should anyone be interested. There will be something Merry HO HO’ish in all of my blog post headings that will forewarn you of the content. This is to help prevent being inundated by individual pics of xmas ornaments.


1. Ice climber (pic 1)


1. Ice climber (pic 2) It was difficult to get the right angle for this piece

I’ve just finished these ornaments and pictures that note “pic 1” and “pic 2” are the same ornament. I haven’t mastered how to take a full picture of a round object so they are taken in pairs. If anything intrigues you…please leave me a message and I’ll be in touch. Each ball has a number assigned to it to help identify which ornament is of interest. I’m also open to doing custom pieces depending on the content and time available. There are an assortment of colours as well. Regular size ornaments are $20/each and the there will be a limited number of larger ornaments…cost is $25 each. Shipping is possible…within Canada it is approx. $8.00/Cdn.

There will also be unique Christmas cards coming soon. Tis the season for Merry HO HO!


2. On the way down


3. Male climber


4. Female climber


5. Mountain biker and cabin (pic 1) Done in black, silver and gold.


5. Mountain biker and cabin. (pic 2) Done in black, silver and gold.








6. Mountain biker and birches (pic 1) SOLD


6. Mountain biker and birches SOLD







7. Mountain biker (SOLD)


8. Mountain biker (pic 1)


8. Mountain biker (pic 2)

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