Merry HO HO – cyclocross, winter ornaments and new retail option!

Hey Everyone:

Below you’ll find a small collection of the latest ornaments. I haven’t had that much time to paint but I’m getting back at it so there will be more to come soon.

Great news  is Freewheel Cycle in Dundas, Ontario will be carrying some of my Christmas ornaments and cards for purchase. You can always visit the store and check things out in person and perhaps grab some bike supplies while you’re at it. They have supported me for nearly 20 years and it is a privilege to have their continued support in this part of my life.

There may be even more retail locations in the near future….details to come!

Also, a reminder that each of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and the pieces are not returnable, including custom ones. If requesting a custom piece, please state your preferences beforehand to see if they are even possible. Each piece takes a minimum of two hours which makes a re-do….well, not a possibility.

Merry HO HO!


31. Fat bike winter (pic 1)


31. Fat bike winter (Pic 2)


31. Fab bike winter (Pic 3)


30. Christmas at the Farm (Pic 1)


30. Christmas at the Farm (Pic 2)


30. Christmas at the Farm (Pic 3)



29. Paris to Ancaster (Pic 1)


29. Paris to Ancaster (Pic 2)




27. Cyclocross racer


28. Road rider

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