Merry HO HO — Cross country skiing, birds and bad xmas sweaters

Hi Everyone:

Here is the latest collection of pieces completed. Some were custom….I’m sure you’ll be able to tell…and one for fun! Please note that any custom orders must be provided by December 10th as I plan on having all orders completed by December 14th. I need a little HO HO time myself!

I am pleased to announce that the Dundas Speed Shop in Dundas, Ontario is all carrying a collection of ornaments and cards for purchase should you prefer to see what is available in person.


33. Cross country Santa (pic 1)


33. Cross country Santa (Pic 2)


33. Cross country Santa – (pic 3)















The hardest pieces I’ve ever had to paint have been family portraits and below is one of several I was asked to complete by a dear friend….he now owes me a lot of beer! It’s incredibly difficult trying to paint a face in small (let alone five of them) and not make them look like some kind of evil gnomes! I do enjoy the challenge of painting things I’ve never done before and feel very privilege to be asked to do such personal pieces including images of deceased pets and homes from the past.



Flower Garden – SOLD


Family pet – SOLD


Family pet – SOLD


Family portrait – SOLD – (The hardest thing I’ve ever had to paint)


Maritimes-Mabel (pic 2) – SOLD


Maritimes- Mabel (Pic 1) – SOLD


Maritimes – Mabel (Pic 3) – SOLD

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