Merry HO HO – skidoo, bicycles and painting history

Hey there:


Winter mountain biking – SOLD

So I’ve been slowly getting at the ornaments and decided to organize other parts of my art life. Here are a few of the custom pieces that have recently been completed.


Snowmobile (pic 2)


Snowmobile (Pic 1)




Snowmobile 2 (pic 1) This piece goes around the entire large ornament)


Snowmobile 2 – (Pic 2)



















As my eyes go blurry from long periods of painting…I decided to sort through some artwork that has been tucked away for some time. It was a treat to look back to the late 1980’s and what I enjoyed painting. The incredible detail in some of the pieces made me remember the countless hours I looked through a magnifier while painting to ensure that even the finest of details were done even if I would be the only one to hold a magnifier up to a painting! There are also some pieces of recent that fell between some cracks and it was exciting to find these little gems. That’s what happens when you paint a lot….you forget a lot the things you’ve done.


Vermont – 16×20 Acrylic on canvas board


Paris to Ancaster – 12×36 Acrylic on Gallery canvas


Paris to Ancaster – Powerline Mudslide – 12×18 Acrylic on canvas


Paris to Ancaster – Martin Road to the finish – 12×18 Acrylic on canvas

I’m putting these pieces up for sale just in case anyone is interested. You’ll be able to tell which of the pieces are from “back in the day” but the style still lives in the ornaments that I paint. For pricing, feel free to message me.  MERRY HO HO!!!!


Christmas in Vermont – 16×20 Acrylic on canvas board


Country Living – 16×20 Acrylic on canvas board


On the way home – 9×16 Acrylic on canvas


Last run – 9×12 Acrylic on canvas


Solo climbing – 6×12 acrylic on canvas


Coming home – 16×20 Acrylic on canvas board


Family Fun – 16×20 Acrylic on canvas board

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  1. lynn mitges says:

    Love Christmas in .vermont! Did you get the envelope i left in your mailbox? Was on my way to a funeral and i didnt have time to knock on the door!

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