Tis the season for Merry HO HO, making someone smile and celebrating cancer free years!

For those that have enjoyed seeing what I create during this wonderful HO HO season…here are some final pics of orders completed and some that were painted for Freewheel Cycle, The Dundas Speed Shop and myself. I was also certain that I had put my brush down for the holidays until this lovely little helper decided otherwise. Noticing my careless placement of a  recently completed ornament, she took the opportunity to see if it would bounce as her paw conveniently made contact and it was batted off the table. Despite my attempt at some matrix moves to prevent impact….I’m not Keanu Reeves…it was clear it was not shatter proof ! Since it was a custom order,  I picked up the brush, grabbed a bottle of Belgian beer and painted a replacement as my furry helper patted my shoulder as if to comfort me, then sat and watch to see if another batting opportunity would arise. This one went straight into a box!IMG_5114IMG_5125

IMG_5160 IMG_5156 IMG_5154 IMG_5152 IMG_5143 IMG_5118 IMG_5131 IMG_5137 IMG_5102 IMG_5095 IMG_5098 IMG_5099 IMG_5089 IMG_5058 IMG_5070 IMG_5066 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5056 IMG_5046 IMG_5044 IMG_5037






These are some of the remaining pieces done. There were many more than I’ve posted throughout my blog but it would be too time consuming to look at all of them. Quite a few were done for the bike stores since they’ve been very popular at this time of year.


My Xmas cards on display at Freewheel Cycle in Dundas, Ontario.

Have a wonderful holidays season and thank you for sharing your time with me.

As I share this post with you today, this day a number of years ago was my last day of chemo and it is another wonderful day to celebrate. As you’ll see at the end of the blog, bald head and psyched to be alive…I have a bit more hair since then (yay…I’m a fan of hair) and I’m equally as psyched for each day as I was back then.

Remember to celebrate each day in any way possible…it truly is a privilege. As you go into this holiday season, be the best you can be…share your love and give the gift of time, it is after all, what most truly ask for.

The start of a new life!

No more chemo! It has been eight years since this picture and my original diagnosis and I am thankful for every year! Merry HO! HO!

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