Tis the season for hand cramps and Belgian Beer

First of all, my apologies for not posting anything for quite some time! It has been a challenging six months since my super virus but it has also been full of adventure, turning 50 and having many dreams come true.

I’ll be posting about my adventures very soon. Until then, I’ll be painting my seasonal Christmas ornmaents, getting hand cramps and drinking my favourite Belgian beers that are only available at this time of year! If you want a custom, festive piece just drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do. The cost ranges from $20-$25 depending on the details plus shipping. I won’t be taking orders after December 12th in order to complete all the pieces so be sure to get your order in. Here are some samples from previous years!


img_6241 img_6236 img_6140IMG_5020IMG_4862img_4746 img_4933 img_5124











Any weather will do! Acrylic 12×36 (Available through Freewheel Cycle)

I’ve also been doing some artwork…some pieces are below. Some have sold but there are still some available if you’re looking for an original as a fabulous Christmas gift.


Sunflower magic! Acrylic 20×24 (Contact for pricing)


Algonquin Splendour – SOLD

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