Sanity through wood burning!

So if you have read my previous post you know that I’ve been under the weather for a bit now. The saga still continues and hopefully I’ll get test results soon and be able to move forward from this current situation. That being said, being isolated at home most of the time and trying to maintain some sanity I’ve been busy wood burning. Loving the new type of art and it’s a little easier on my brain when I can’t focus on mixing colours of paint. Most of the pieces are sold but there are a couple of treasures available. I’ll be burning more pieces so if there is something you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Hope these bring a smile to your face, inspire you to get outdoors and live a life full of passion.

4×11 Male climber – SOLD

5X8 Mountain biker – SOLD

4×13 Male Climber – SOLD

4×13 Female climber – SOLD

4X13 Female Climber – SOLD

5×8 Mountain biker – SOLD

5×13 Male climber – SOLD

4×13 climber – Currently available

9×13 Climbers – SOLD

13×9 Mountain bikers – SOLD

4×11 Male climber – SOLD

5×8 Boulderer – SOLD

13×9- The Mechanical – Mountain bikers – Currently available

10×10 Boulderers – SOLD

4×11 Female climber – SOLD

9×4 Mountain biker – SOLD

13×9 Mountain biker – SOLD

10X10 Runners – SOLD

10×4 Triathlon – SOLD

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