Tis the season for wood burning…and beer

Hey everyone:

So I’ve been getting busy doing my favourite indoor things: being creative, listening to Christmas music and enjoying my favourite Belgian beers that are only available this time of year. My usual health challenges have kept me at home a lot but I’m making the best of it. Although I’m slowly working on painting ornaments, wood burning has kept me busy and I’m loving every minute of it. Here are the recent pieces. Most are custom and others have sold but it gives you an idea of what can be done and what might make the perfect gift. Oh, and I’m doing cheese boards…yup…they’re a piece of art and can be used for some yummy cheese. I’m doing a few different styles so there are options.

If you want to order something just contact me through my website at http://janymitgesfinearts.com or check out my instagram at

( https://www.instagram.com/janymitges/ ) to see the pieces the moment they’re done and up for sale.

Merry HO HO!

Small Maple Cheeseboard 9″x 6″ – Climbing

A mountain paradise – SOLD

Small Maple Cheeseboard – 9″x6″

The Shepherd’s Way – SOLD

Small Rectangle Cheeseboard 9″x6″ -Mountain air

Polish flowers – Name plate for a cottage – SOLD

Family name plate – SOLD

The outdoor life – Spalted Maple – SOLD

Mountain biking life – Name plate


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