Tis the season for an assortment of Christmas options

Hey ya’ll:

Well I have been the busy elf and my trusty helpers had to take a nap since I worked them so hard.

Exhausted helpers







There was a piece of wood that I’ve stared at for a little while and when it eventually told me what to create…wood does that sometimes…this is what happened.

The perfect view. Made on olive wood. – SOLD







I decided to try my hand at making furniture. It was an adventure and I’m really happy how it turned out. Making furniture is a lot of work when you don’t have proper tools. Perhaps Santa will get me some 🙂 This piece is now up for sale.

The mountain view. Live edge Red Oak. Steel legs.

The mountain view. Live edge table.







So below you’ll see what I’ve made so far. I’ve done a lot of cheeseboards and still have some available for custom designs if you know someone that likes cheese 🙂

A day in the country – SOLD

For the love of water – SOLD

One sport isn’t enough for this gal – SOLD

I’ll race ya – SOLD

Catch me if you can – SOLD

Mountain biking love – SOLD

Time to get steep – SOLD

Solo ride – currently available

A gal and her shepherds – SOLD

And now I’m doing wooden Christmas ornaments. I’ve started with mountain biking and climbing…cuz…well I love those sports but I’ll be doing more than that and welcome custom requests. There will be more photos in the next few days as I’ve just finished a bunch but I’m drinking Belgian beer instead of taking photos.

Christmas ornaments on Spalted Maple.









I hope you’re having an awesome November!

Merry HO! HO!

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