Race Schedule

Preliminary Race Schedule for 2013!

May 5th – Volunteer for Bike for Mike

May 18th – XC Marathon – Long Sock Classic (not confirmed)

May 19th – Niagara Classic – Road Ocup (not confirmed)

May 26th – Mansfield XC Ocup #2

June 2nd – KW Classic Road Ocup (not confirmed)

June 9th – Sir Sam’s XC Ocup #3

June 23rd – Tour de Waterloo (not confirmed)

July 6th – XC Marathon Cup #3 Northumberland (not confirmed)

July 21st – Canadian MTB Championship – Hardwood Hills

July 28th – XC Marathon Cup Finals – Kingston Trophy (not confirmed)

August 18th – XC Ocup #6 – Highlands Nordic

September 8th – XC Ocup#7 Provincial Championship – Horseshoe Resort



Preliminary Race Schedule for 2012!

April 15th – Paris to Ancaster

April 29th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #1 – Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Mansfield, ON

May 13th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #2 – Woodnewton, Uxbridge, ON

June 3rd – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #3 – Hardwood Hills, Oro Station, ON

June 10th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #4 – Albion Hills Conservation, Bolton, ON

July 8th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #5 – Naughton Trails, Sudbury, ON

August 12th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #6 – Buckwallow Cycling Ctr, Gravenhurst, ON

September 9th – Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #7 – Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON

September 30th – Tour de King, King Township, ON

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